Sarah Eagan wins Graduate Student Teaching Award in Psychology

Sarah Eagan, an OWL PhD student, has been selected as one of two graduate students to receive the UNL’s Research Mentorship Award in psychology. Sarah is known as a mentor among those in OWL. She has mentored (both officially and unofficially) numerous students at UNL in research. Sarah’s name will be placed on a plaque in Burnett Hall with past recipients of this competitive award.

“I have absolutely loved working with Sarah Eagan. She has made research a fun and educational experience for me and everyone in our lab. She comes to every meeting with a great attitude, and she is always extremely understanding if we have any questions about what we have to do for the week. She makes our lab feel like a collaborative effort, rather than just telling us what to do. She is incredibly bright, organized, and motivated and I would be honored to get the chance to work with her again in the future. She is a wonderful role model and I hope I can emulate her one day in my own field of research.” – UNL Student

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