Rachelle wins Wolfe Award

Rachelle Johnson, UNL undergrad and OWL lab manager, has been selected as UNL psychology’s 2021 recipient of the Wolfe Award. This prestigious award is given to the most outstanding psychology student of each graduating class. Rachelle’s name will be added to a plaque in Burnett Hall of past award recipients.

The Harry K. Wolfe Award is presented annually to the most outstanding senior psychology major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Nominations are made by Psychology Department faculty and the winner is selected by a committee consisting of three psychology professors. The award is based on a combination of strong classroom performance in UNL coursework; research accomplishments, especially leading to a senior thesis; and other work, such as assisting with teaching, campus extra-curricular engagement, and involvement with off-campus organizations that provide experience related to psychology.

The award commemorates Harry K. Wolfe (1858-1918), a UNL alumnus who was the first professor of psychology at UNL. Wolfe was one of the first Americans to earn a Ph.D. in psychology, from the University of Leipzig, Germany in 1886. He is credited with establishing one of the first laboratory courses for psychology undergraduates in the United States.

Fun Fact: the last three recipients of this award have been students involved in OWL!


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