The Role of Interpersonal Sexual Objectification in Heterosexual Intimate Partner Violence From Perspectives of Perceivers and Targets

The goal of this study was to understand the effect of sexual objectification on intimate partner violence. This study found that, in women, being sexually objectified lead to a mindset of internalized silence, which then lead to higher levels of intimate partner violence. It was also found, in men, that higher sexual objectification of others was linked to higher intimate partner violence. This effect was not true for men who showed humanity and empathy towards their partner, but there was no difference when men looked at the situation through their partner’s perspective. This study illustrates, on a global level, the effect of sexual objectification on intimate partner violence, and how for each gender this effect depended on their mindset about themselves and their partner.

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Abigail R. Riemer, Gemma Sáez, Rebecca Brock & Sarah J. Gervais (2020) Self-fulfilling objectification in relationships: The effects of men’s objectifying expectations on women’s self-objectification during conflict in romantic relationships, Self and Identity, DOI: 10.1080/15298868.2020.1778518

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