Current Projects/Grants

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The BAR Project

Integrating alcohol myopia and objectification to understand sexual assault. Principal Investigator, RO1 AA025090, National Institutes of Health.

Bystanders in Sexual Assault Virtual Environments (Bystanders-SAVE)

Prejudice and violence are inextricably linked to the maintenance of the status quo.  Objectification, dehumanization, and aggression illustrate just some of the means by which prejudice and violence may serve to reinforce (or sometimes challenge) existing power differences between social groups.  My approach to research examines the relationship between prejudice and violence using perspectives from social psychology,  gender and sexuality studies, law-psych, and public health.

The JUST (Jurors Understanding of Scientific Testimony) Project

Principal Investigator, SES-1733957, National Science Foundation.

Additional Projects

1) The Psychology of Affirmative Consent in Sexual Interactions

2) Self-Fulfilling Consequences of Objectification in Social Interactions

3) Lay People’s Understanding of Gender Ideologies

4) Needs-Based Approaches to Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Reduction

5) Objectification in STEM domains

6) Dehumanization of Children

7) The Psychology of Bro Talk

Completed Grant Projects

Interpersonal interaction, affective forecasting, and harassment in the workplace

Co-Principal Investigator, SES-1122683, National Science Foundation.

Research Funding Sources

National Science Foundation. Objectification, Affective Forecasting, and Sexual Harassment (SES-1122683).

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